I'm having this recurring issue that pops up. It's only ever happened
on hp laptops. (Fresh image built, not factory image). Most never have
it but some develop it over time.

All of a sudden it will take 2-3 minutes before the login prompt
appears. Uninstall the client, problem goes away. Reinstall and it
comes back. This has persisted through various versions of the client,
right now XP SP2/client 4.91 SP3 with post SP3 updates. zen 6.5sp2ir1
is also installed.

Not sure how to troubleshoot this as I can't do anything in windows
before the login. Also there's nothing in error logs or places I can find.

If I reimage the laptop, the problem is solved.

SOmething is changing on these laptops that causes this but I can't
figure out what.