Hello all,
I have many users with Novell client 4.90 and OES Linux SP2 with all
the OES specific patches applied.

I have also zenworks sp1 client.

Some of these users loose the connection to the NSS mapped directories.
The units are mapped but are not accessible.

The only way to have them accessible one more time is to unauntheticate
form the novell client and login one more time.

The problem seems random.

Some solutions seem related to the fact to use the novell client
4.91sp1 at least.

Some other solutions speak about changing some configuration on the
dhcp to increase the lease time.

I would like to avoid to make a massive update of the novell client if
this doesn't solve the problem.

Any idea?

On the 4.91 sp1 is shown as solved the drives mapping lost...I don't
know if this is the problem.

As anyone encountered a problem as this one?