Client32 4.91 SP2 (and some post-patches)
Workstation OS - W2K SP4 (fully-patched)
Server -

All workstations I support (whether W2K or WinXP, fully-patched) are on the
same subnet and VLAN and communicate fine to our server with the Client32
setup/options. Workstations receive a permanent DHCP lease.

Due to personnel problems, a person/user was moved offsite to a "remote"
location (off of our network) to a different side of town. Their
workstation is setup offsite (off of our subnet) and receives a lease
automatically, from a NAT, provided by a different support person. We
tested the workstation functionality and noted that the workstation DOES
authenticate to our server, and CAN access file resources (their drive
mappings and data).

The user is authenticated to our server. The user modifies a file (to be
determined of what kind of file, text, database, Word doc, etc.) that was
on their workstation (local). The problem happens when the user tries to
save the modified file from the workstation to the server. The connection
drops or times out and they lose their work (that's another story about
saving work).

What I'm checking into is whether or not the user can actually download a
file from the server to the workstation fine (which I was told she could)
and not lose the connection, but loses the connection when trying to save
the file from the workstation to the server (this doesn't make sense).

What parameters/options do you need to have me post to see if something in
our Client32 needs to be tweaked, if this maybe a problem with Client32

Some of the settings are:
IP-only, Protocol settings are NDS, DNS, and SLP, auto reconnect is On,
Packet Burst is On, Minimum Time to Net is 0.

I do know that the problematic workstation's ZEN NAL workstation management
agent can not communicate to the server, too. I think that the NAT, that
is supported by someone else, is part of this problem.

Any suggestions on how to make this work or tweeks needed?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.