I don't know that this is the correct forum for this question, but I
thought it a good place to start. My company would like to remove the
NetWare client from all the XP workstations, yet still use eDirectory ACLs
for everything Novell-related (file system, iPrint, etc).

I presume the user would log into the XP PC, and that when they went to use
a NetWare resource (all of them would at a minimum need ncp drive mappings,
or samba perhaps), it would happen automatically in the background (no new
challenge for credentials).

The XP password would need to be automatically synced to eDirectory in the
background. Policy here dictates passwords change every 90 days.

If somehow, login scripts could still be implemented, that would be great.
If these needed to be moved into AD, that would be ok as long as eDirectory
still controls the ACLs for everything Novell.

Anyone ever done anything like this, or read how to do something like this?