Okay, here's the situation:

Novell Client v4.91 with sP2c
STATIC DA assignments (two of them) in the client.
NON-static scope

According to the various TIDs, etc. by setting the DA to be static, this
should disable SLP multicasting on the pc's.

However, we are seeing (if you run a trace on any pc) 427 packets coming
from all over the place (almost like a broadcast).

I'm pretty sure that the clients are configured properly, as the docs
indicate that IF you have static DA's defined, the client should ONLY
multicast if it fails to contact the DA's.

However, I'm SUSPECTING that this is a "Windows" thing in that if you
"browse" for any network resource, you'll see that Windows itself will
ask for that "thing" via all protocols. (ie, if you map a drive to a
netware server it'll ask WINS, DNS, NETBIOS, etc. for the name of that

Does anyone know if this is a "function" of MS Windows (XP/2000) and if
so, how to change it from doing this?