I have two Netware 6.5 sp3 servers. My PCs are Win XP, sp2. The client I
have been testing on is 4.9 sp2.

We have decided to start using the feature "self service password". I am
running into issues.

1) If I allow a user to reset their password. The user can change their
NDS password without problem, but the local NT password does not get
updated. I then run into the dreaded unsyncronized NDS\WinXP password
problem. I have dynamic local profiles setup (this mostly works, but that
is a differnt issue, sometimes the profiles disappear so my helpdesk
sometimes need to manually create them)

2) I then tried to just use the "password hint" option. While I can pass
the challenge questions, NDS tells me no hint is defined. How do I setup
the hints.

Phil j