We use cnames to represent certain Netware servers in the environment. In a
number of the clients since an update to XPSP2, NWC 4.91 sp2 and ZFD401 IR7
we have seen some unusual behaviour by some of our PC's, of course it is
intermittent. (just the way we like it)

We attempt in windows explorer to open a unc say

This fails. (You can ping the server name wsgrpsrv.subdom.domain.com) this
resolve and pings ok. If you replace it with the real servers name in the
path it works ok.

What we see is the client does not go out to DNS to resolve the name but
constantly queries the SLP DA for the Cname of the Netware server. And
because it is not it's NCP name it fails and then tries again this goes on
for 5 sec. it then attempts to connect using port 445 (MS-DS) to the share
but this to is rejected by the server. It then tries to obtain information
form SLP again for another 5 sec and then gives up.

On other machines same config it works correctly that is it queries DNS
obtains the correct server name then queries SLP gets the services address
and then connects to the ncp server.

Or after this fault condition is seen the PC is restarted it works ok.

Bad address cache time out is set to 0, Bad server name cache enabled is
off, Bad server name cache time out is 0

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Fred Nolan

I have a LAN trace of it misbehaving - but there is not much to see