I've got a Windows 2000 Pro workstation with SP4 and Novell Client 4.91
SP2 "c" patches.

The problem only started after the workstation got upgraded to this
client (from 4.90 client).

Machine boots up and just sits at "preparing network connections".

If you yank the network cable and reboot then of course it comes up

If you remove the Novell Client and put the wire back in and boot up, it
works perfectly fine.

Put the client back on. Just sits at "preparing network connections."

I've removed the client, removed ALL the networking stuff and put it all
back again to no avail.

All we have is the MS Client for MS networks, the Novell Client, and IP
on it. That's it.

Any ideas WHY the client would cause it to behave this way? I don't see
any errors in the event viewer (it gets an IP address and stuff).

Dell Optiplex GX-280.