I am starting here for lack of a better Idea.

I am trying to create a simple information file tracking user logins to a
selelct gropup of workstations.

The workstations host instruments and the time on the instruments "should"
be tracked for billing. The users log into Edirectory using their Novell
user name and password then into the workstation using a local user name. I
want to track the Novell login and have put a set command in the container
login script te set up what i need to record


Using SET in either command or cmd.exe windows display the variable properly
with user name and context.

I have then set up two Zenworks scheduled actions that call simple batch
files to write the information I want to a CSV file located on the server.

the two batch files are simple one line deals :
the login file is-

And the logout file is

The scheduled action s are set for events - desktop becomes active and user

The actions are set for interactive user impersonation.

The upshot is that everyting except NETNAME is getting recorded in the CSV

In troubleshooting this i have set up scheduled actions on workstations that
mimic the Zenworks action it will work once but fails on either a restart or
after loggin out and back in.

Any ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.