Hello everybody,

We have an application designed on top of Visual Foxpro and .Net and it
has a Windows service running on WinXP workstation. Service needs to
connect to Visual Foxpro database sitting on the NetWare volume.

I created local Windows account on this PC with username and password
matching NDS user and service starts perfectly fine. All current updates
are installed in XP, Novell Client is 4.91SP2, server is NW65SP6 with some
post SP6 updates. The NDS user has all rights in the database directory.

As soon as I install 4.91 SP3 client, the service can't start anymore with
the error "invalid path to the database". Workstation still can login and
browse to the database and has all rights there. If I reinstall SP2
client, it works again. Installing SP3 client - fails again - I did this
twice already on the test workstation.

I did put the post SP3 client updates (nwfs.sys) and also tried beta
nwsso.dll and nwgina.dll but no luck.

We have two locations (same NDS tree, different servers) with the exact
same problem, SP3 breaking the service logon.

Any ideas, anybody?

Thanks in advance,