A client just installed (on MY recommendation) a new NW 6.5 SP6 server (Dell
Running NWClient 9.1SP2 on WinXPSP2 workstations.
They got it to access an AccPac database using Pervasive 9.1

Their main F/S server is a W2003SMS running Exchange ('sigh, I know, I
know). So they are logging into a Win domain as well as the NW Tree.

Each PC that has the NWClient installed on it is running VERY slow compared
to the other PC's that have only the MSClient. Probably about 20% the speed
of the MSClient. Their access to AccPac is VERY slow.

I tried some of the suggestions such as:
a) PrePopulate the "BadNameCache" with the Windows Server name
b) Change the Provider Order so MS is 1st
c) Increase the "BadNameCache" time to 10hrs

This DID speed up login times but not file/data access times.

Did a test copy of a large file to/from the NW server and to/from the MS
server. The MS server was more than FOUR TIMES as fast! eh???

Any ideas? Need more info?


David G. Wilson

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