I read several posts concerning this subject, but none seemed to apply
to my problem.

Our Netware environment consists of 4 subnets. 2 of the are major
subnets (250 respectively 80 clients). The other 2 are minor subnets
(20 respectively, 10 clients). The subnets corresponds to the 4
geographic areas where we run our offices.

Each of our major subnets contains a Netware 6.5 file server.

Here comes my problem. On one workstation in our smallest subnets the
login script seems not to be executed when a user logs in. This
workstation is a general purpose workstation which means that all our
users can use it when they visit that particular branch.
When they login on that particular machine no drive mappings are
applied and even the result window isn't displayed. When logging to
another machine within that subnet everything works fine. Also, when
logging in to the users "home" workstation, everything works fine.

I'm trying to be the Netware systems administrator and have all
possible rights. But, I encounter the same problems when logging in to
that workstation.

I recently installed the Zenworks 7 agent to that machine and logged in
with my credentials. As I mentioned before, no drive mappings and no
result window, but the iprinter associated to my user account was

The problem does not seem to be related to the login scripts as they
work fine one the other machines.

Thanks for any help,

Christian Scholtes.