I have installed the 4.91 SP2 client on a Windows 2003 server. We use
RDP to connect to the server. This server is being used for printing
and needs access to the Novell server for data files. It's a bizarre
setup, but that's the way they want it.
On to my question... Is there any way to get the RDP client to
auto-login to the server? I can get it to connect, but the Novell login
box comes up first and RDP will not auto-fill the password even thou it
is the same. If I switch the gina to be msgina instead of nwgina, the
server goes to la-la land. (I tried this on my laptop with XP and it
works fine.) I also tried the PassiveMode reg key which also sent the
server in search of the meaning of life.
I am just trying to make it easier for the operators to make one click
on the desktop to remote connect to the server with RDP. Is that too
much to ask? Oh, almost forgot... need the login script to run as well.

Thanks for any ideas - I will post the solution if I find one.