I am probable way off here but maybe someone can set me straight. We are
using Zenworks and Windows XP. I am rolling out a new desktop and wanted
to lay the foundation for NICI and Nmas by setting the
EnableUserProfileDirectory DWord value in the registry. First question
is there a way to have this registry key part of the client install?
reason is if it is there before the client installs the install appears
to remove it. My second, and more important, question is this; After
creating the EnableUserProfileDirectory registry key, I expected the
folder for NICI to be created under each new users profile application
data directory. I not only don't see this but I only find one name under
the wiindows/system32/Novell/NICI directory, mine. I am able to log into
iManager still. Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.