Working for a very large partner in the EMEA, I think its a huge mistake
in missing out clients for x64 Windows 2003.
In the day of vedors pushing virtual environments, I am being inundated
with presales questions from a lot of my clients, whiching to virtualise
Citrix servers onto vmware and use WIndows 2003 x64, purley as the
scalable options are going to give a huge ROI.
it all falls down for the Novell sites, enabling CIFS or NFS is not good
enough for them, as they stillc annot use admin tools such as consoleone
or nwadmin (BM Proxy config admin)

I understand the development time in it, but this is where the market is
going, and its a rising reason why a lot of my cleints are ditching
Novell to move to pure MS envorinments......

Hopefully someone may take note and try and keep up with the moving

People are going to move, and especially Citrix sites are finding the
main reason to ditch a Novell backend, is becuase Novel are stopping them
from moving to a x64 platform.....


Un-Happy Novell Guy.........