I have a user who will sign in, and when his desktop loads, he can
open and see "My Documents" directory, which is redirected to his
Netware network drive. He can see the documents in there.

But when he tries to open one, it says that the network drive is no
longer available or has been removed or something to that effect.

It seems to be only him, because I can browse to his network drive and
see (and open) his files.

The user also has a program he needs to run from this network drive,
which will not run.

The Novell red-N listed the connection to the particular server as not
authenticated, and when refreshed, it disappears from the list of
connections. Logging out and in results in the same errors.

The server is up and running, as far as I know. I downed it and
restarted it, fixing any possible errors on the server itself. Didn't

The user has tried logging into all the contexts and servers available
to him, with no luck.

Any ideas?