I am having a problem with failed logins. Every morning at 8:00 I log on
my computer check email and finish up work from the previous day. Around
8:30 I go to Remote Manager to check the health monitor and every morning
for the past week or so the failed login's per hour is red. There are 24
failed logins everymorning from my computer within a time span of 2
minutes right around 8:23 - 8:25. I am getting logged onto the network
fine no error messages. I have recently changed my password and someone in
a different forum said that an app or program or even malware might be
trying to logon with my old password. What can I do to find out if this is
true or not, and how can I resolve this issue.
-Netware 6.5 sp5
-Novell client 4.91 sp3
-ZENworks 7.0.0