Anybody seen the following message when users are trying to reset
their own pwds:

"Attempt to change password for server xxxxxx failed. Error Code

Our help desk folks are able to reset the user's pwds without issue.
This began happening after a server was mistakenly removed from eDir
and then added back in. It was one of our DA servers, so I had to go
into Con-Slow-One and fix that and then we cycled the server. We have
2 DAs defined in our tree, and we have a scoped SLP Scope. We use
static DAs configured in the Novell client settings and the DA ip
addresses haven't changed.

We were getting error messages immediately after logging in but before
the login script ran "loginwnt.dll error -890, the specified server
doesn't exist." I resolved that by making sure that all of the user
objects had a valid server listed under General > Environment >
Default server. Doing that solved the error message, but we're still
getting the error code above when a user tries to change his/her
password. My Novell skills are a bit rusty since we are in the
process of moving to M$ (a little tongue-in-cheek there).

Any help is appreciated.