We have several issues on a problem machine which I believe are all
related. This is a Windows 2000 machine using client 4.93 connecting to
a Netware 6.5 server, IP only configured in the client. In order for the
user to login, they must put the IP address of the server in our context
in the "Server" field in the Novell Client. If you click on "Trees" or
"Contexts", nothing comes up, even though other users in our context can
see the tree, contexts, and server by server name. When I login on this
machine, with only the "Server" field populated with the server IP in
the client settings, the login script seems to run find and drives are
mapped to the server in our context. However, we cannot UNC to other
servers outside of our context using their machine name (ex.
\\server1\vol1\data). We can ping these servers using the machine name
though, and we can UNC to these servers using the IP address (ex.
\\\vol1\data). I figure this has to be some type of naming
issue, but the client settings look good to me. Is there something I`m
nmissing? We`ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client, and
upgrading to SP3 with no luck. Windows Firewall is disabled, and there
are no other firewalls.