Hi to all,

we had have in the pasd and at this moment sometimes the problem, that
the computers (Windows XP Prof.) with the Software "Mentor Graphics" (a
layout programm) shows the following message on the screen (right bottom
of the screen)when the user copy files to the server volume.
(I hope my translation from the german text to english is good enough to
understand the message): "Lost data by writing files on net volume".

In the past only the message was pop-up but no data was lost. Today it
was the first time that we realy lost files.

The vendor of "Mentor Graphics" says the reason is that we use Novell.
When we use Microsft servers and volumes the error will no occur. I
belive thats a wrong statement. They also say that when we change some
parameters in the Novell client we will maybe solve the problem. We
changed the parameters (I forgot which parameters because this is a long
time ago) but without success.

In the mean time we change the Novell version from 6 to 6.5 and the
Hardware of the server but the error comes from time to time again.

Have anyone a idea what we can do to fix this problem?

Here our system environment:

Novell 6.5 SP 6
Client 4.91 SP3
Computers 3 x Dell Precision and one HP Workstation all with Windows XP