I'm having some problems getting the novell client to work with the forgotten password link and NMAS.
versions that I'm working with are:
Novell Client 4.91sp3
NMAS client
Challenge response module that came with the above client
Netware 6.5sp5
Winxp sp2

The environment is Netware 6.5 that was upgraded from Netware 6.0.

When I click on the forgotten password link on the client I get:
NMAS: client login module not found. Unable to Login using Challeng Response. See your administrator.

When I try to log in I get NMAS client module not found Error -1663 (hex code)

I can view the authorised sequences from the client and these match and change as I make modifications in iManager.

I use the forgotten password with the IDM3 UserAPP and all this is working perfectly.

The NMAS error points to the client not having the correct module installed. When I view the NMAS properties of my test user in iManager I have authorised both Challenge Response and NDS selected and NDS is set to be Default.

As the NDS client module is installed with NMAS and Challenge response is installed what else can be the problem?

I have tried client 4.91sp2 and upgraded to sp3 in case it was some weirdness with the client.

Thanks for the help,