I apologize for asking this question again. This time I will make sure I
keep the answer.

I installed NW Client 4.91 sp3 on a Windows Server 2003 with no issues.
Then I install Zen Desktop 4 Client.

After rebooting the server, I noticed that the Novell Client is not the
default client anymore; it reverts back to the Microsoft login client.
Novell is still present on the servers system tray but is not the default

I asked this question about 2 months ago and got the answer. It is a
simple change in the system registry but for the life of me forgot what to
look for. I do remember changing the Novell client value to 0 instead of
1. Once the change was done, I simply had to restart the server and the
Netware client is back to being the default client.

Can someone help?

Thanks In Advance