Presently, my client workstations are WinXP/SP2 which are logged in at the
click of a "button" with a generic domain user account via AdminAutoLogin
as declared in the Winlogon registry section. I would like this to remain
this way with one exception: Prior to the autologin, I need to
install/configure Novell client (v4.91) pointing to our LDAP server
independent from our department's domain to authenticate non-generic user
accounts. After successful login against LDAP, the user should be passed
to the "button" which initiates the autologin against the domain.

I've installed the Novell client but after resetting the AdminAutoLogin
parameters and logging out to test, the Novell login apparently sits
behind the Windows Autologin button (or goes away entirely), the result
being that the Novell login screen is never seen.

Is there a way to force the order: Novell login, then Windows

I found an outdated doc (#10052847 - that
declares "Auto Login to NT and Manual Login to NDS....Not possible with
these versions of the Novell Client." But the most recent version that
the document specifies is v4.71 (again, I'm using v4.91). Also, I need to
do the reverse order, Manual Login to NDS, then Auto Login to NT.

Thanks in advance!