I'm having a strange Novell client issue and I was hoping someone out
there can give me some help...

OK..When I or other coworkers login via VPN from home and make a RDP
connection to our PC's the 1st screen that appears is our Novell 4.91
client (Which is fine). My problem is once I login to the client it
accepts my user name and password disappears for a split second and then
reappears. If you then login again everything is fine and it maps drives
and works great.

2nd... I'm testing out VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in house and
have created a few Windows XP VMs with client 4.91 installed on them. When
users from our in house thin clients connect to the VM session via RDP the
same issue as above happens 2 x logins then everything is fine.

My end users hate logging in once, more less twice so I need to figure out
what the issue is. If anybody has an idea please post it.