The relevant part of the article reads:

Workstation Only
Registry Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Novell\Login
Registry Value: [dword] Workstation Only
Default Value: 1
Range: 0, 1 (0=OFF, 1=ON)
Client Version: Implemented in NT Client versions 4.3 and later
Description: Check this box if you want the "Workstation Only" check box
to be available when users log in. This controls only changes whether the
option is available or not, it does not set the value of Workstation Only
setting. It only allows the user to see the checkbox and change it.

It does not really seem to answer the question which was how to set the
default. This tells us how to remove the option.

Edward Raikes
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> Is it possible to not have the workstation only checked when the

computer is
> restarted after someone loggs in that way? I just want it to always

> to not being checked.


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