Well, for my modest needs, the new client seems to work well.

1) Uninstalled the tech preview.
2) rebooted
3) installed the new client using "Express Settings"
4) This seemed to take forever. I don't remember Office 2007
taking this long to install. Anyway, after 5-10 minutes it was
ready to reboot.
5) Ugh. Had a "Novell Login" screen now instead of my PC's login.
Fiddled around and got that changed. I don't participate on a
Novell domain, I just log in to specific shares.
6) Normal desktop came up, connected to a share, and Opened an
Excel file with Office 2007. Worked fine.

It seems the uninstall of the CTP and install of the new beta
didn't mess with most (all?) of my NIC settings which is good. I
only want the client on my CAT5 port, not my VPN and wireless
connections. The XP client was notorious for activating itself on
every single connection the PC had.
Ed H.