I have had this problem for quit awhile.
Home office test environment:
"Old" 750 MHz Home Built 6.0 Netware server running IPX and TCP/IP
"New" 3.2 MHz HP ML100 G3 6.5 sp5 running TCP/IP
Each has a different tree as my plan is to ditch to old server once

Three clients. 2 Win2k and 1 WinXp fully patched with 4.91 sp3 client

1 Win2k and 1 XP readily see the new (IP) server but the 1 Win2k (the most
important one), can't see it it. I can ping it and on occasion, after
messin' around with SLP setting (mainly looking) it will suddenly see it.
Today was such a day, so I spent a couple of hours copying files setting up
users, groups etc. I thought I somehow stumbled on the correct combinations.
THEN I REBOOTED the troublesome PC and back to tree not found"

Hopefully, portions if the SLPINFO /A might give someone a clue that can
help me. Although it appears to be identical to the SLPINFO from the XP

I am at a loss and the "old" server is getting really old.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

SLP Operational Parameters Values
------------------------------- ------------
Static Scopes NO
Static Directory Agents NO
Active Discovery YES
Use Broadcast for SLP Multicast NO
SLP Maximum Transmission Unit 1400 bytes
SLP Multicast Radius 32 hops

Scope List Source(s)
---------------------------------------- ------------

DA IP Address Source(s) State Version Local Interface Scope(s)
--------------- --------- ----- ------- --------------- -----------
<No Directory Agents>

Local Interface
Operational State: UP
Operating Mode(s): MCAST
SA/UA Scopes: <unscoped>
Last I/O: 1:21:09pm 7/22/2007
Total Packets: Out: 123 In:
Total Bytes: Out: 7526 In:
Last Addr Out: ***.0.1.22
Last Addr In: