It used to work but it stopped working now. Laptop has Novell client 4.91
SP3 and Cisco VPN installed. On the Novell client, Service Location tab,
added the NW6.5 SP5 server IP ( in the Directory Agent list.
When user is at home, connect via Cisco VPN and then use the Novell Red N
to login to the network and access all the network drive.

However, now the user will get "Tree not found" error when login. If I
click on the <Advanced button> and Set the Server: field from name to the
actual IP address of the server, user will be able to login without

This seems to SLP is not able to resolve the server name. Other than
setting the DA, where should I look for the problem?

Again, it used to work on the same laptop?

Thanks in advance for support tip.