Not sure if this is really the correct forum for this, as I have no idea
if it is a Novell Client problem or something else.

We have been experiencing for a long time a situation where a random user
logs in, they experience an extremely slow login of 10-15 minutes, and
when they do login their roaming profile has gone back to defaults with
some exceptions. The instant their login takes more than 2 minutes we know
this is going to happen.
Once logged in their proxy settings are missing from Internet Explorer, MS
Office opens to the default "my documents" folder instead of our corporate
standard, desktop background is reset, along with several other items that
we alter, however IE favourites are still there and personalized desktop
shortcuts as well.

To fix their profile we have to rename the Windows NT Workstation 5.1
profile folder, and have them login again to create a "fresh" profile,
then setup their profile to our standards again. Once we do this the login
time goes down to under 1 minute and their profile will login properly
until the next time the problem occurs.

This problem can not appear for weeks, and then one day 3 users will all
experience the same problem. It seems to affect certain users more often
than others, but I can find no common scenarios between the users. They
are all on different parts of the network with different rights.

We are running Novell Client 4.91 SP2 and Zenworks 6.5.2 or 6.5.1 on the
machine. Updating users to newer versions of these software seem to have
no effect.

Anyone have any great ideas on how to diagnose this problem? Since we
have no way of knowing when this will occur again it is very difficult to