I've been unable to configure an Outlook 2007 client on a new Vista system
to make use of a .PST residing on a drive mapped to a NetWare traditional
volume. When we try to add the PST via the outlook configuration wizards*,
we get the message ``The file [filename] is not a personal folders file.''

Yet when we access the very same file (via a drive mapping) using Outlook
2007 running on a Window XP workstation, it reads it and the client can
successfully start up.

Also, we can copy the PST file from the mapped drive over to the Vista
system and it can open it without problems.

The problem existed with the preview version of the Vista client as well
as with the beta version.

ANY ideas would be helpful,

*(control panel->Data Files->Add->Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders->browse
to NetWare drive and select the PST file)