I have a 2 node OES Linux cluster. I installed and configured the cluster
post install. Initially, I had a problem getting any single node to join.
The install would create the objects and everything would look okay, but
when I tried to launch the cluster software, the node would not join the

Eventually after a couple of re-boots I was able to get the first node to
join, and then I installed the software for the second node. When I launch
novell-ncs on the second node, it just stays at joining, and never joins
the cluster. Both boxes are configured to NOT start the cluster software
at boot time. If I re-boot both boxes and start the cluster software on
the server that wasn't working before, it launches and joins just fine.
But then the other server doesn't join. The end-result of what I have is a
2-node cluster where only 1 node works.

The servers are 2 Dell poweredge 2650 servers attached to an EMC Symmetrix.
The servers use qla2300 HBA's. If I do an fdisk -l from either server, I
am able to see the shared disk, and SBD partition.

Anybody have any ideas.