I've been using Linux for some 5 years and don't really consider myself an
expert. I have minimal exposure to SuSE (which I'm growing to appreciate,
in particular Yast). I have almost no experience with clusters. I
administrate a Rocks cluster, but haven't had to do much with the system.
I am trying to create a test cluster (by test I mean a 2 node cluster) with
OES in Linux, and I find that my minimal exposure to Netware may be
creating issues in my understanding of how to configure the cluster for
Linux. I hope that someone on this list can help me find more
documentation on how to cluster Linux with OES.

I find that Novell's documentation seems to be out of sync with what I am
experiencing. Specifically OES Novell Cluster Services 1.8 Administration
Guide for Linux found at
I found that this document has a couple of gaps and doesn't really explain
how Heartbeat works.

I have looked around, and I cannot find a document that gives greater depth
to OES clustering in Linux. Can anyone help me out on this? Or is the
migration path to OES for Linux only for Netware customers?