We have an existing 4 nodes Netware 6.0 (SP4 or 5...not sure) already
working with fiber SAN and everything

As of
" A shared disk system (Storage Area Network, or SAN) is required for each
cluster if you want data to be highly available. If a shared disk subsystem
is used, ensure the following: " My understanding is that it is not
absolutly required, but only if we want to migrate data (let say an nss

I've tried to join an oes linux, on the same vlan, WITHOUT a connection to
the shared SAN
it fails with error 255, nothing really relevant into yast logs

i found a thread (dated march 24 on this forum) stating about the same
That say, even after upgrading ncs to the latest release with red-carpet, i
still have the issue.

So, question #1, is this possible
if yes, howto ?! :)
The idea is that i want to have to oes linux on the same cluster, and let
the data migrate between netware servers, and create seperate ressources for
the oes linux