I would like to set up a system to replicate file data across different
locations. Specifically, I have a volume or two that I would like to have
additional copies of at another location for availability/disaster recovery

I know that I can use Rsync between two servers but, this solution is messy
because it requires me to separately backup and restore trustee rights. It
also uses two different servers so, if the primary server fails, failover
to the secondary server is not automatic. This isn't terrible but, it isn't

What I would like to do is cluster the two servers so that they can failover
automatically but, sharing storage between sites is problematic. I'm
thinking that it may be possible to do what I want using iSCSI but, in
looking at this http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/appnote/613.html it
says that I can't cluster volumes with this method.

Can anyone offer some advice on this, particularly anyone that is actually
doing it.