Netware 6 SP5
NCS 1.6

I have two nodes in my cluster. A couple of days ago, node 1 which is the
master hard locked and I had no choice but to cold boot the box. All of the
volumes when comatose instead of failing over to node two.

I can only get one of the volumes to mount on node 1. The rest will not.

I unloaded cluster services from node two and brought it down to reset it as
well. I waited until Node one came up, then started node two. I got
messages on the web manager interface that the volumes were waiting for
quorum. They never came back on line and so I downed both nodes again.
This time I brought up node 2 first and then node one. The volumes would
mount on node two, then I tried to migrate them over to node one, they went
comatose again. I took them off line, then restarted the process. Now I
have node one up with the master IP address resource on node one, but all
volumes mounted on node two. All seems to be working but I cannot get the
volumes back to node one. Any idea what may be the problem and how to
correct this? Please help!