Bernd Weyand wrote:
>> wrote:
>>>i wish to backup a 3node-cluster nw6 in a san (MSA1000 over fibrechannel)
>>>with AS11. since as9 is it possible to backup virtual servers, but is it
>>>also possible to backup virtual servers with a backupserver thats not a
>>>cluster member (has only fc-connection) ? i wish to avoid installing as11
>>>on a cluster member.
>>>Bernd Weyand

>>You can back up the cluster nodes from a non-clustered backup server. In
>>terms of whether Arcserve 11 supports the virtual server functionality
>>(including failover support during a backup) I am not sure but as a minimum
>>it will see the volumes as being connected to the server.
>>Also, you do not need the tape library connected to the SAN to perform the
>>backup. It will give you no performance benefit as all backup data will
>>travel across the ethernet network.
>>Hope this helps.

> the library is connected to the san because its shared with an w2k-server
> in the san.
> but why does all data go through the ethernet when the backupserver has
> also an fibrechannel-adapter?
> Bernd


The reason that the server cannot backup the data over fibre channel is
that it needs to backup the data via the host server and that is
performed over TCP/IP. If the backup server were to try to mount and
backup the data directly over FC you would very quickly get data
corruption and your host server and users would complain that the volume
has disappeared.

There is a method that you are thinking of that is called serverless
backup. I do not know of a product that performs this functionality with
NetWare and it is also an expensive option especially when compared to
the speed that tapes are getting up to now.

I have also seen some people backup the NetWare partition as a whole
(using a Linux server) but this is not a good option as to restore a
single file meant restoring the entire partition and retrieving the file
required - YUK.

So for your scenario - not knowing specifically how much data that you
have and what type of data it is - I suggest that to get best
performance that you use the latest TSAFS and have your cluster and
backup servers on the same gigabit segment and go for it - also use a
backup software that provides parallelism (ability to backup multiple
servers at one time) which I think BAB11 offers with the Enterprise Module.