Thanks all off you,,

Yes,, we followed the tid,
but,, it came down to the cluster choosing to use the external
interfaces instead of the internal interfaces even though the internal
IP network was choosen during installation. We could confirm this
by simply unloading the filters and it started working.

So,, It works with a filterexception, though it feels stupid and
un-necessary to do this on the public side of the server.
If the cluster simply used the internal interface's, no
filterexceptions would be needed.

On Fri, 15 Jul 2005 19:34:21 GMT, "Keith Larson"
<> wrote:

>i saw your response in the other forum, so i figure that you got your
>answer. the first was nicely written and easy to follow. there was a step
>or two that could be added to make it easier for someone that isn't familiar
>with clustering.