Hello everyone,
We have a two node NW6.5 SP3 cluster and we currently have FTP clustered.
The load script actually loads nwftp from the clustered volume: load
nwftpd -c ftp:\etc\ftpserv.cfg (where "ftp" is the virtual server name).
This has been working great for us. However, now we must secure our
connections and I was looking at using FTPS. Our mainframe guy tells me that
he needs the server certificate to transfer using SSL. I sent him the server
certificates from each node, but our problem is that since FTP is running
from a virtual server, the certificate does not match.

What do I need to do? Should I change the load script so that nwftpd loads
from the sys volume on each server? That way the SSL certificates will match
up with whichever node is controlling FTP?