Hello all,

I have a netware 6.5 sp3 cluster of 6-node. After I rebooted one of the
node to clear out memory allocation error, all the resources that was
mounted on that node before reboot won't migrate back to that node (all
went cosmatose). Although I was able to mount them somewhere else in the
cluster. To troubleshoot the problem, I went into NRM for that particular
node, partion disks option and to my supprise, the server sees all the
devices of those resources that could not mount earlier but see no
partition on the device.

I then launch rconj and invoked nssmu, devices and looked at those same
devices, and the server again see all the devices but again saw no
partitions exist on those devices. I have done some searches on
Knowledgebase and tried to run partfix but that did not help.

Does anyone see a problem like this before and what can I do to allow my
server to see those partitions again. Thanks in advance for any
suggestions on how to correct this. don't want to loose any data on it.