I am running a 7 node, mixed Netware 6.5 SP3 and Netware OES cluster.
NCS has been upgraded to 1.8. I had a server abend last night, and
the two clustered volumes on it went comatose upon failover. I offlined
them, and tried to bring them back up, same results. Finally looked at
the logger screen and saw

Replaying Transaction Log File

Volume FACSTF set to the ACTIVE state.

CLUSTER-<WARNING>-<10264>: CRM: Error executing load script for
FACSTF_SERVER failed on command line 8

Everything else seemed okay...the CVSBIND, etc.........

Couldn't find much about AFPBIND in the knowledgebase. I was able to rem
out the AFPBIND statement in the cluster load script and get the
resource online, but I need AFP reenabled eventually. There were no
other NSS errors thrown when this happened, or anything else. It
occured on two fo the seven clustered servers.

Just wondering if anybody had any ideas, or has seen this before. Thanks,

Mike Carey