I have a 3 node nw6.5 sp3 cluster. The node with the Master ip address
was poison pilled and the master ip address went to another server,
however in the logger of the server it went to it shows the duplicate IP
address message

TCPIP-6.59-185: Sun Aug 14 23:38:25 2005
Added secondary IP address

TCPIP-6.59-344: Sun Aug 14 23:38:25 2005
WARNING : Duplicate IP address in use. Contact your system administrator.

The Load script for the master ip address resource hasn't been changed
and it does have the lines
ignore_error set allow ip address duplicates = on
other stuff
ignore_error add secondary ipaddress =
other stuff
ignore_error set allow ip address duplicates = off

Does anyone have any ideas?


Have fun


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