I have been using SuSE for a while now, and am curently running SuSE 9.2
pro on a cluster of 4 machines. These arnt properly clustered, and the
curent user is using them to run seperate tasks. However there is a
problem with NFS.

There is an NFS server running on one of teh machines, and the other 3
have clients pointing to this machine. The idea being that most of the
input files for a set of simulations are held in this one folder for all 4
machines to use.

This works fine as long as the files are changed from the NFS server
machine, but if a file is changed on one of the client machines, the other
clients do not see the update for about 2 mins, and continue to use the
old file. I assumed this was some kind of cashing problem and so added
the noac option to the clients and server, but this dident seem to help.
The problem also seems to be intermitent.

The PC are dual processor AMD64's with gigabit copper networking, so im
guessing its not a problem with the speed of passing the files, plus the
files in question are only a few K in size.

Any Ideas?

Thanks for your time