Would anyone be able to offer some information regarding the reliability
and performance between gigabit iSCSI vs direct attached Ultra160 SCSI
storage. I am about to order a new DL380 G3 server with the MSA500
storage cabinet. I have found that the Compaq Multipath add-on Ultra160
4-port card provides the additional connections for the MSA500 necessary
for a 3 or 4 node cluster.

It seems to me that a Novell Netware Cluster Services project will have
better performance as all of the servers now will be "directly" attached
via each one of their own Ultra160 SCSI cables. iSCSI could give us
shared iSCSI storage over 100/1000 if we decided to use the Gigabyt NICS
for our backbone. How much faster / throughput do you think we will
experience with the server "cluster-nodes" all attaching to the Multi-
Path card? Bottom line, Ultra160 vs gigabit; a question involving direct
attached Ultra 160 SCSI storage vs iSCSI over gigabit ethernet.