hello all,

I have a 2 node NW6 sp5 cluster; I have just discovered that when I'm
in NRM and go to the "Cluster management" choice all I now see is the 2
icons for my cluster nodes and the choice for "Event log" - I no longer
see the cluster resources I have set up. Also, if I click the "Cluster
config" choice I get the following error:

ERROR: ClstrLib Err=-670

This happens on both nodes in the cluster; these choices worked
previously on both nodes with no problems. The resources I have in the
cluster are working fine otherwise. Consoleone shows everything - the
cluster itself and all the resources - and it all looks correct.

I checked support.novell.com but couldn't find anything about this
problem and error message.

Any ideas?

Wayne Fee
Academic Computing Serivces
Appalachian State University