> Hi,
> first off b sure to load GroupWise in protected memory. These R

> u should TEST theses b4 u use them!!! I'm not responsible 4 your
> mistakes!!! Use AT YOUR OWN RISK!! SO TEST IT FIRST!!!
> Cluster load script:
> search add clustervol:gw-system
> protect grpwise.ncf
> The grpwise.ncf:
> ?load restart address space=gw cluster-vol:\gw-system\gwmta.nlm <MTA-

> load restart address space=gw cluster-vol:\gw-system\gwpoa.nlm <POA-

> The delay is 2 make sure that the Volume is mounted b4 the grpwise.ncf
> loads.
> Cluster unload script:
> unload address space=gw gwmta.nlm
> unload address space=gw gwpoa.nlm
> unload address space=gw
> delay 10
> unload kill address space=gw
> Some people don't use the Kill command. It could damage the PO? TEST
> TEST!!
> Delay sometimes cause problem.
> Remember, whether the POs r different cluster resource or not, when
> unloading 1 PO all will be unloaded! I would suggest having, depending

> your concept, the DOM & all POs as 1 Resource.
> Hope this helps, REMEBER TEST TEST TEST!!!
> Mike
> > We are in the process of testing Groupwise in a clustered state.
> > We have one clusterd enabled volume with a system directory created.
> > Agents are installed and loaded from the system dir on the clustered
> > volume. Failover seems to work OK, however, the unload script

> doesn't
> > work. I've tried several different ways, but none work. Can someone

> give
> > me a sample or their unload script? Thanks in advance.
> >
> > P.S. We have obviously one MTA and two Post Offices.