Hy ,

On last Friday we run into a Problem on our two Node Cluster .

We have 2 HP DL380 G3 connected to 2 MSA1000 over the MSA integrated SAN
Switch . The San Cards are Qlogic 2300er , the Servers are running on
Netware 6 with SP5 . We have one Pool running with 300 GB Space / 20 GB Free.

We had an Abend which caused a full Remirror of the Pool .
During the remirror Process the CPU was pullt up to 100% when you tried to
copy larger Data onto the Volume . Due to this you could see the 6x/7x/8x
rise in the cluster stats , and after some time the other node feeds the
Live node with an Poison Pill . After playing Poison Pill Ping Pong for
three Times , we left one node out of the Cluster until fully remirror (
which always started at 0% again ) .

We figured also out that we could write to the local SYS Volume during
remirror at Full Speed without any Problem .

Is it possible to change the priority of the Mirror Process ( slow it down ) ?

With the Poor Performance of the MSA , totaly blocked by remirror Process
it would be nice to dos so...

so long