Could somebody please provide me a quick sanity check on a cluster
services matter? :#

I have a 7-node NetWare 6 cluster in production. Recently one of the
nodes experienced a hardware failure that meant it had to be rebuilt. So
we removed the NDS objects left hanging around, rebuilt it and added it
back in to the tree.

However, in order to add it back in to the cluster, is it simply a case
of removing the node entry under the cluster object (this wasn't done, so
it still shows up in Cluster State View in ConsoleOne), then reinstalling
Cluster Services on the box?

I've read a TID (10060341) that mentions the the server will still appear
in the CMON utility on the other servers' consoles until the cluster is
completely restarted, but that won't cause me a problem will it? I want
to add this node back in without having to restart the entire cluster

Thanks for any help on this one.