This now has some priority so I have to get it working (old
servers.approaching eol)

When I last posted (4 July 2005) I had a working cluster KCLUSTER (ip which allowed me to fail resources KFDB (91.16) and
KFUSER (91.17) back and forth between the two physical servers (KF6B
on 91.13 and KF6C on 91.14). This is still the status quo.

I'm using the Pervasive high availabilty white paper as at

.... and I can get as far as the immortal words (on the 4th page of the
'netware' bit)

"First register the shared disk subsystem as a new engine to PCC'

....but no can do. Maybe the example is confusing and I'm missing the
point, but I can't register either KFDB or KCLUSTER (as the Pervasive
forum suggested).

Last time I tried this Tim Hewood asked for my SLP info and I posted
but never saw a response before I moved onto other problems.

What's going on? name resolution problems? I'm lost!