Planning very first cluster using OES NW65 SP4 (with NSS patches). This
will be a three node GroupWise cluster. Here's my questions:

1. In reading the documentation, it seems the load and unload scripts
are tied with the cluster resource, or NSS Pool. So in order to have
each GroupWise component fail-over onto another node, a component must be
tied to an individual volume. Is this correct?

2. Is OES NW65SP4 mature enough for a stable production cluster, or
should I consider using NW65SP2 instead? I want to stay away from
NW65SP3 because I have heard that it is better to upgrade from SP2 to SP4
and avoid SP3 if possible.

My first plan was to use a single SAN NSS Pool and volume for all nodes
and all GroupWise components in the cluster, but in reading the
documentation, it would seem that plan won't work, if I want individual
components to fail-over to different nodes, correct?