Hi All,

We currently have a 2 Node Cluster running NetWare 5.1 that we want to
replace with NW 6.5.
The NW 6.5 servers will be installed on brand new hardware and the
exisiting 5.1 servers will be put to rest.
Ideally we would like the 6.5 servers to take on the identity of the 5.1
servers (Name and IP address etc..)
We're also looking for an easy way to simply remove the 5.1 servers and
then replace with the 6.5 servers.

So far we have the following basic plan:
Build new 6.5 servers including Cluster Services in seperate tree
Migrate data from 5.1 servers to NW 6.5 servers (Thinking of using the
Migration Wizard for this) this should hopefully take care of the Server
Identity and IP address, not sure about the cluster side of things
though. I'm also thinking that the Migration Wizard might takes ages to
move the data as well.

I'd like to hear some suggestions or advice from anyone that might have
done something similar.

Thanks in advance